The saddest night of 'capi' Iniesta

Dreaming of raising their first Champions as captain and by the KO yesterday could live their last European game A ndrÈs Iniesta lived one of his saddest days last night. The azulgrana captain, decisive in many matches of Champions League to sign Barça wins, yesterday spent a calvario on the field and swallowed bile from the bench when, already replaced, saw how the Rome marked the third and fateful goal. At 33, AndrÈs dreamed of raising in Kiev, on May 26, his first Champions as captain. AndrÈs has four in his great curriculum (2006, 2009, 2011 and 2015) but this would have been the first he would have picked up from the president of UEFA wearing the bracelet. The last one conquered by Barça, in Berlin, was lifted by Xavi Hern·ndez, in his last match as a Barça player.

Iniesta jumped into the field as a starter in the theoretical left inside position. There he tried to keep the ball for BarÁa, before the overwhelming and sustained pressure from Roma. AndrÈs tried, he tried to unbalance his way, hiding the ball and throwing himself to break pressure lines. But the players of the Rome were more intense than the azulgrana. They bit as never and disconnected with their coordinated attacks the game of the Barca players. Because of this 'pressing', the goalkeeper and central BarÁa were forced to play many times in length, which meant it added difficulty for media CulÈs, with less physical than their rivals.Looking for insider trustworthy soccer bettings predictions ?

Victim of the pelotazos Collective and individual data demonstrate this. BarÁa lost possession. Almost, but he lost it, with what Roma had more the ball. And in the case of Iniesta, their numbers were meager. Man accustomed to playing a lot of ball, only 25 good passes of 28 attempted were counted. The one who looked for the most was Messi , with six passes, and the one who looked for him the most was Busquets (12).

Despite not having too much prominence, Iniesta received five fouls, a detail that speaks of trying to keep the ball and play with danger. The manchego did only one. The one of Fuentealbilla saw the cartelÛn with his dorsal, the ë8í, in minute 81 of party. He went to the bench replaced by Andre Gomes with a grimace of disgust on his face because he likes to be in the field, especially in bad times. In the zone of the substitutes he lived standing and in tension the final tric gico of his team.